About Us

Who are we?

REVEL BV is one of the leading medical products suppliers and workplace safety products suppliers in The Kingdom of Netherlands. Specialized in offering Medical supplies products to meet customers needs various different optional, such as face masks, safety eyewear, surgical gowns, thermometers, hospital gloves, hand sanitizers and etc.


REVEL BV is one of the leading disposable surgical masks Distributors/Wholesalers in the Netherlands and specializes in surgical mask designs and manufacturing. The disposable surgical masks offer protection from both airborne and body fluid contaminants application in a wide range of workplaces, such as hospital, office, clinic, and more.


Our disposable surgical masks are made of nonwoven material and will reduce the spread of bacteria. Apart from protecting the wearer from splashes in the mouth with body fluids. Another benefit of the surgical mask is to remind the wearer not to touch his face. The disposable surgical mask will trap some particles but is much less effective than a mask designed for this purpose. About this, you can browse the web page on N95 particulate masks and respirator masks.


We can supply 3Ply Face mark with Filter and N95 face mask with ISO certification. Please email us for genuine inquires.
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